RTNmobile is a young company currently working our way into multiple markeds. We are always looking for new companies to partner with, please do contact us if you want to become RTNmobile partner.


Innovation Norway

Innovation Norway has been an important partner from the start-up of RTNmobile and will continue to be one of the companys main partners in the future technical and commercial development.

Innovation Norway has helped found RTNmobile in the start-up phase of the company and is a potential partner for a future investment. Innovation Norway has also been an important partner in development of the business strategy.

Innovasjon Norge web page (external link)


Storvik & Co

Storvik & Co is a consultancy company that specializes in helping foreign companies starting business in Russia. RTNmobile has chosen Storvik & Co to help with strategic advice, book-keeping, legal advice and other general consultancy.

Storvik AS web page (external link)


Power Hit Radio

Power Hit Radio is one of the major radio stations in Murmansk with about 100 000 listeners. It has a young a fresh profile and is always looking for new ways to improve themselves and get more in touch with their listeners. 25. February Power Hit Radio and RTNmobile signed a contract of intention that states that Power Hit Radio will start using RTNmobiles mobile messaging services by April 2005. We are very proud of partnering with Power Hit Radio as our first major client.

Power Hit Radio webe page (external link)